Corporate Road Safety Clubs

Corporate Road Safety Clubs

Road crashes have been ranked ninth cause of deaths in the world. Majority of these deaths occur in developing countries. In Kenya over 3000 deaths are reported annually. Proclaiming 2011-2020 as the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety was a bold and courageous move by the United Nations General Assembly. It has set safety initiatives in motion across the globe. Though progress is uneven across countries, progress is being made. The private sector can help achieve the goals of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety in collaboration with government, multilateral organizations, and civil society. In the following section we detail three ways business can help by subscribing membership to the Road Safety Clubs Membership.


To form road safety clubs by creating awareness and training of all road users to reduce fatalities associated with road accidents.



1.    Training of drivers on road safety measures which will improve their efficiency and reduce road crashes.

2.    Free ads and editorials in our road transport magazine which has a wide readership;

3.    Invitations to our corporate activations (breakfast, dinner and cocktails meeting& forum to network);

4.    An opportunity to mention our road safety members in our radio & TV campaigns for brand visibility.

5.    CSR activation –corporate, social responsibility.

6.    The donation of trauma care equipment to hospitals via an advocacy fund set up by SPC

7.    Businesses with vehicle fleets and distribution operations, especially transporters, manufacturers and retailers, can also make a difference in road safety through strong fleet management programs offered by SPC at discounted rates as a club member.

Access to top notch consultancy services on use of protective equipment such as interlocks, fatigue management devices, in-vehicle compensatory devices and incar data recorders, and driver monitors.