Driver Trainings

Drivers Training

     i.        Our driver training lessons are designed to provide drivers with short, single topic-focused driver training material that is delivered or pulsed on a monthly frequency throughout the year. Their purpose is not to try and teach someone how to drive. Instead, the emphasis is on reinforcing the awareness of the need to drive safely and keeping that message at the forefront of a driver’s mind. To ensure the driver has understood the training material, there is a comprehensive 50-question knowledge assessment. This training provides drivers and riders with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively be certified as competent drivers at discounted rates.

Why SafetyPlus driver training program?

Ø  Multiple lesson formats available from 1-minute to 15-minute training sessions

Ø  All modules use real-life video footage, which drivers prefer over computer animation

Ø  Modules covered feature local content, footage from over 7 countries

Ø  Clients routinely see up to a 60% reduction in collisions, coupled with a dramatic reduction in the severity of their collisions.

Ø  Custom training modules can be developed quickly and cost effectively

The system automatically corresponds via text messaging with trainees, reminding them of upcoming modules—significantly improving compliance and results

For further information, download our driver training pdf file