Fleet Management Trainings

Fleet Management Training

This training is designed to help corporates to organize and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By professionals undertaking this course, organizations will derive the following benefits:

o   Better fleet and transport management by experienced and trained professionals

o   Continuous training of employees working in fleet and transport management-related processes

o   Enhancement in existing systems and processes for greater efficiency and accuracy

o   Better and safer vendor and driver selection and management

o   Reduced risks because of better risk assessment and mitigation

o   Greater client satisfaction because of in-time delivery of products to customers

o   Application of advanced concepts, techniques and software to enhance performance in fleet and transport management

o   Organisational growth because of increased credibility leading to greater investments, lesser risks, reduced costs and increased profits

o   Sustainability and consistency in fleet and transport management-related operations, a result of good vehicle maintenance and effective supplier performance evaluation

Higher safety of employees in the fleet and transport management processes

For further information, download our fleet management training pdf file